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lundi 7 février 2011

Stoner Rock Mexico Newsletter N°20

Bonsoir ,

Nos amis mexicains du site Stoner Rock Mexico  viennent de nous faire parvenir leur  nouvelle Newsletter que je vous transcris ci-après ( en anglais ) .

"Hello to all stonerheads.
After being “cyberattacked” we’re back with site updates and this bulletin. We’d like to thank your constant support and permanence with us
There are some new bands added to the site: El Ultimo Heroe and Mustrax, check them out (links available on Spanish side of the bands list only). Also we have some video greetings to all stonerheads from El Pastuso, from notorious Netherlands band Pendejo! With whom we have an interview.
We’ll be using this Newsletter more often to send you, aside of the news, flyers from upcoming Stoner Rock gigs happening all over Mexico. Anyway, read the bulletin to get the latest news.
DIRTY WOMAN reissue and official site
Being as their first batch of CDs are totally sold out and besides, the band is no longer working with Sade Records, Dirty Woman reissues their album Demon Lover through La Mazakuata Records. New edition comes in as digipak instead of the original jewel case, full color booklet, remastered sound and a bonus track not available elsewhere. You can order your copy by writing to the band at dirtymerch[at] They also have an official site, pay a visit on this link 
MALIGNO new record and video
Monterrey’s own Maligno is readying the shooting of a video for the first single of their upcoming and yet untitled third album, which is expected to be out tentatively by March 2011. At the time of writing this, Billy Anderson is mixing the album (whom has worked with bands in the like of Eyehategod, Sleep, Cathedral, Melvins, Neurosis, Orange Goblin among others) and Alan Douches will do the mastering as he has done with bands like Mastodon, Hatebreed, Dillinger Scape Plan and God Forbid. No previews of the cover art until now.
ELECTRIC RUSH new side project
Jenny Bombo has a new side project besides Occulta, it’s called Electric Rush, she plays along with the girls of riot grrl rock The Mullettes, they describe their music as “heavy with a grunge approach”. Hear them on their Facebook profile 
GOATZILLA new blood
We once knew them under the moniker of Desert Stone. Now they have changed their name to Goatzilla. The band just recently played their first gig and readies new songs from an upcoming album or EP.
DRUGSTER MONSTER lineup changes
D.F.’s psychedelic quintet strikes back with a new bass player, Tommy O’Hara formerly of Bloody Picnic, who fills in for Raul Sisniega as he is now on the ranks of Jesus On Dope.
ULTRATUMBA new album out now
Legendary doom masters, Ultratumba, led by Transmetal’s bass player and founder Lorenzo Partida, has released a new album entitled La Casa del Escarabajo. It’s a 14-track album and is issued by La Mazakuata Records. The label also has in their catalog Cornucopia’s En Las Retinas del Alma (Lorenzo’s side project with Mexican metal forefathers Ramses’ ex guitarist Julio Marquez) and Black Zodiac’s Evil Witch (also with Lorenzo and US singer Mayelin Bernal).
THE RISIN SUN guest musician and record
Upcoming stoner band The Risin’ Sun has included in their lineup a multi-instrumentalist who plays saxophone, tambourine and keyboards. The band has recorded their debut album which will be entitled The Flaming Sounds of the Risin’ Sun Company, with 10 songs with their particular hard and psychedelic sounds. Although there is no date for the release, the album will hit the shelves on 2011. In the meantime the band has several gig dates all along the country, which you can check on their MySpace page.
Guadajalara’s Canibales have recorded a new EP, entitled Mercenario, which they have posted as a free download on their site. Download it and give yourself a good rocking dose.
PENDEJO! Interview
We have an interview with this great band, settled in the Netherlands but spanish bred and with great love for México. Read about it here.
STONER ROCK MEXICO MySpace, Facebook and Twitter
As MySpace has become very unpractical and a nightmare for a lot of people using that social network, and as it appears it will soon be gone for good, we are focusing our updates mainly on our Facebook page and our Twitter timeline. Be sure to follow and friend us over there, we have also a music player, photos, gig flyers and the latest on Mexican Stoner Rock and our peers worldwide."


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